DIRECT - Innovative Medicines Initiative:
DIabetes REsearCh on patient straTification

GLP-1R analogues (3.3)

Some patients are started on an injection to help treat their diabetes. These injections are a type of drug called a GLP-1 Receptor Analogue (GLP-1RA), and currently there are three available types of this drug called Exenatide (Byetta or Bydureon), Liraglutide (Victoza) and Lixisenatide (Lyxumia). This type of treatment has been used around the world for the last few years and can have some dramatic results both in terms of stabilising blood sugar levels and helping with weight loss. This is why this treatment is becoming popular with patients and their doctors. However, some patients’ blood sugar levels do not improve very much with these injections. Other patients do really well, and may end up reducing the dose of some of the other drugs they use or indeed stopping some other drugs altogether.

This study will try to find out why people respond differently to treatment with GLP-1RA. This research may show that we can predict in advance that someone is not likely to respond to treatment. This would mean that they would not have to inject the treatment for at least 6 months and put up with any side effects. On the other hand, if we find out why some people respond very well to this sort of drug, we may be able to develop better drugs that work in more people.

For more information take a look at the Patient Information Sheets provided to participants before they join the study: