DIRECT - Innovative Medicines Initiative:
DIabetes REsearCh on patient straTification

Early remission of diabetes following metabolic surgery (3.5)

It is well known that patients with obesity who undergo surgery to reduce the size of their stomach sometimes have remission of diabetes i.e. their diabetes gets significantly better and sometimes goes away. As a result of the surgery the patients lose a lot of weight afterwards but interestingly their diabetes improves before they have lost significant weight. This suggests that the removal of a part of the stomach might have a lot to do with the diabetes going away. The stomach releases many different hormones when it receives a meal. These tell our brains that we are full and need to stop eating and they also tell our pancreas to work, since as the meal is absorbed and the blood sugars rise, insulin is needed to control the blood sugar level. This close coordination is vital to keep the body working properly.

This study will try to find out how stomach reduction surgery leads to remission of diabetes. In particular we are looking to find new drug targets that might be present in the stomach, that influence diabetes. We will also look for biomarkers of successful diabetes remission.

For more information take a look at the Patient Information Sheet from the previous study contributing to the DIRECT project: